Lighthouse, SLP

This year was a bit different as we split up into two classes, added a guitar element to the class and started a general music program at the school. This year’s songs are quite good. Lot’s of gems in there. Quite a few about food…it’s almost like it’s a class full of growing teenagers.

St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center – In School Concert

Through a generous grant by the Stillwater Area Schools Partnership Plan, and a recommendation by superintendent Denise Pontrelli, Discover Music was able to partner with the St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center to put on a songwriting class that culminated in a live show at the school! We had about 10 students perform out of the 17 that participated in […]

Edgewood MPS

This class was really a delight. We tried some new things this year. We delved into the science of acoustics and spent a long time on musical careers and industry. I think the thing I will remember most about this group of students is how much they cared about each other. I didn’t see impenetrable social cliques, everyone seemed pretty […]

Westwood MPS

  This class got off to an interesting start…it was the first year we tried doing the songwriting class year round during the day at this school. So instead of signing kids up we just decided to convert one of the 7th grade general music classes into a songwriting class…SURPRISE! Some were enthused, others were not. We worked through it […]

Lighthouse SLP

This class was an interesting mix of students who had taken the songwriting course for the second, or third, time and had a lot of experience to draw upon as well as first-time songwriters. I was surprised by the musical risks they were willing to take and the confidence they approached them with. Usually students shy away from the big […]

Mahtomedi HS

This class was a new format. Songwriting was part of an introductory guitar and piano performance course. As the students were learning to play the instrument, they were also learning to write their own music…pretty cool. This class had a lot of nice hooks in the songs, and we even had two brave students who successfully wrote their own lyrics […]

Westwood, SLP

This class was a bit of a wild ride, but we made it! Some real talent in these young people…lots of good ideas and they weren’t afraid to sing out in studio. Enjoy! Sheliah – My Grandma   Sammie – I Just Need Some Freedom   Bryan and Peyton – You and Me and the Moon   Leslie – Perfect […]

Lighthouse S.L.P.

Such great creative energy in this class! Lighthouse students are such a joy to work with and it was so cool to see all their personalities emerge in their songs. One thing this class definitely deserves praise for is risk-taking; personally and musically. Some students had to overcome significant self-doubt and nerves to get in the studio and sing their […]

Edgewood, MPS

Another great year with Mrs. Liz Cummings-Cervenka and the students of Edgewood Middle School! We got to spend just about every day, all year long with these students. We did music theory, history, science, business, production, and of course we wrote a bunch of songs. They got so good at it by the end that we could fire off a […]