St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center – In School Concert

Through a generous grant by the Stillwater Area Schools Partnership Plan, and a recommendation by superintendent Denise Pontrelli, Discover Music was able to partner with the St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center to put on a songwriting class that culminated in a live show at the school! We had about 10 students perform out of[…]


Yesterday we had such a fun time at Westwood Middle School. So far the students have learned about chordal theory, song structure, lyric and harmonic function, and we decided to put that knowledge to use making a song as a class. This song happens to be about shoes…   Lyrics: Verse 1: I’m just a[…]

Music Makes Us Whole

MusicWorks MN is proud to partner with Music Makes Us Whole. Their mission: “Music Makes Us Whole is the initiative of several dozen Minnesota non-profit and for-profit organizations that believe every child deserves a rich music education. We advocate for this because of music’s intrinsic value in the human experience, and also for the whole-brain[…]