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Music Makes Us Whole

MusicWorks MN is proud to partner with Music Makes Us Whole.

Their mission: “Music Makes Us Whole is the initiative of several dozen Minnesota non-profit and for-profit organizations that believe every child deserves a rich music education. We advocate for this because of music’s intrinsic value in the human experience, and also for the whole-brain and whole-life benefits to the child as well as his or her community.”

Visit their page to look for ways that you  as a teacher, student, parent, artist, or lover of the arts can get involved with your local schools to be an advocate for music education. They aren’t asking for money, they’re asking for time, for conversation and for passion.

We know you’ve got that…please use it to drive the conversation around music education for ALL learners at ALL levels. It will make a difference because making music makes us different.

The Facebook page is www.facebook.com/MusicMakesUsWholeMn

The twitter feed is @MusicMakesWhole

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