Get out of the closet!

I am talking about band instruments, of course. You know the ones I’m talking about…the ones you used to play when you were in band, or the ones you bought for your kids when they were psyched about band but have been gathering dust ever since they discovered dance, soccer, heavy metal or “romantic interests.”

Instruments want to be played!

There are plenty of kids out there who would love to play them too…

The fact is that the recession has hurt everybody, and the ability many families have to provide educational opportunities for their children. More and more kids are dropping out of band, or worse yet not even starting, because they simply can’t afford to buy/rent instruments. So here’s the idea… we have a booth at MarketFest in downtown White Bear Lake every Thursday from 6-9 for the rest of the summer. At this booth we will be conducting a trade; you give us those old instruments and we give you a tax write-off receipt. We will take your used instrument and fix it up, then we will give it to a student in need who is enrolled in the WBL Public School District Band Program.

Your gift will be the student’s to use, free of charge, for the entirety of their public school experience and if they stick with band all the way to graduation they get a choice to keep the instrument and go on to play at college, or to give it to another student in need. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Not to mention that, as an asset of MusicWorks, we can use the value of your instrument to match funds for grants that require matching. That means the more instruments we have in our inventory, even if they are circulating, the more money we can ask for to help music education. For example…if a grant requires a 10% match and we have $5,000 worth of instruments then we can ask for $50,000, but if we have just $5,000 more in instruments we can ask for up to $100,000! So not only is your gift directly helping a student, you’re helping us help students as well. Your gift has an exponential impact!

A much better use for it than storing it in a closet, right? So come on down and see us at MarketFest, bring your old band instruments and make a meaningful contribution to a child’s education.

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