Yesterday we had such a fun time at Westwood Middle School. So far the students have learned about chordal theory, song structure, lyric and harmonic function, and we decided to put that knowledge to use making a song as a class. This song happens to be about shoes…



Verse 1:
I’m just a sneaker and I’m upset because
of all the shoes I know I’m the plainest one
People keep on pointing and saying “What are those?”
I don’t feel special anymore

Dress shoes get to party all night long
They get to get all shined up when something’s goin’ on.
Hiking boots get to climb all those rocks
and go out on adventures while I’m stuck at home

Yeah they all have a purpose, Woah-oh, Woah-oh
and they all have a plan
Yeah they’re all swaggalicious, Woah-oh, Woah-oh
and I’m so very bland

Verse 3:
Summer beach days soaking up the sun
the sandals and flip-flops are out there having fun
On the team only cleats get to win the game
I never feel the glory of the grass or the rain


Bridge: (spoken)
Quit your whining little Sneaker…Stop acting like you need to be like us, Don’t you know that we want to be like you?
You get to go everywhere. You’re the favorite. You get worn every day!
Oh, I didn’t realize you felt that way. I guess being a sneaker isn’t so bad after all.

Yeah we all have a purpose, Woah-oh, Woah-oh
and we all have a plan
Yeah we’re all swaggalicious, Woah-oh, Woah-oh
and a Sneaker is what I am.

So, we learned that even in a silly and ridiculous song…one that uses the word “swaggalicious” (which, strangely enough the auto-correct did not attempt to correct)…we can craft the story in such a way that it delivers a solid message and becomes something that is universally relatable.
I can’t wait to see what these kids come up with next!

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