Word’s getting around.

MarketFest is over. We had a great opportunity for the last 7 Thursdays to meet people from the local community interested in music education. We had some instruments donated, and many connections made. Most importantly I think we got the message out there that “Hey! We’re here. We’re doing this work for our pubic school music programs. Just keep an eye out because good stuff is about to happen.”

The good vibes must made their way over to WBL press staff writer, Kristine Goodrich, because she wrote such a nice article to help promote our work.

Click here to read it

The response to that article has been so positive. Many people have called me to donate or offer support after reading it. So Thank You, Kristine! You helped make a big difference in the education opportunities for many kids.

So let’s keep this momentum going! Join us! Talk to your friends, co-workers, families, classmates, or anyone you know who has a sympathetic ear for music or education and tell them how important music education is to the welfare and development of each student. Tell them what a great thing you are a part of, and how they can help too.

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