‘Scuse me while I go celebrate…

I think this speaks for itself.


In case you’re looking at that photo and are thinking “What is that? Is it like some kind of analog text or IM or something? It’s from the I.R.S. and it says blah, blah, blah…..zzzzzz…..”

Yes. It’s a letter from the IRS. It says that we’re a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Which means we don’t pay taxes because we’re doing good stuff that helps our country’s citizens. Which means that your donations go right into programs and not into taxes for payroll or income or sales or property or anything else. Your money gets used better.

It’s pretty cool and it’s really a hard and long process to get this status. So if you want to join me in celebrating, go ahead…1…2…3…Huzzah! (odds are that I didn’t actually do it with you, but I’ll “Huzzah!” dutifully every hour on the hour for the next day or so. If you time it right we can “Huzzah!” together, if not you’ll just have to imagine it. However I have been told that the net effect of collective “Huzzah!”s are only marginally greater than the effect of individual ones, so please feel free to engage in general celebration and merry-making at your earliest convenience)

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