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Lighthouse, SLP

Lighthouse, SLP

This year was a bit different as we split up into two classes, added a guitar element to the class and started a general music program at the school.

This year’s songs are quite good. Lot’s of gems in there. Quite a few about food…it’s almost like it’s a class full of growing teenagers.

Alex – Emotional CPR
Braiden, Carter and Ian – Soup Store Blues
Braiden, Carter and Ian – Mayonnaise
Bronson – My Life
Calvin – Libra October
Hala – Hug Her For Me (For Savana)
Isaiah – They Say Love Conquers All
Katie -Has Anyone Ever Told You?
Luke and Mihang – Past Pain
Natalie – Her Last Breath
Riley – The Wind
Savana – I Just Want to Tell You
Summer – I’m Hurting Now
Theo – Cheshire Kitten
Zach – Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken

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