Can You Come to My School?

Schools want the best for their students, and parents want the best for their children. So schools listen when passionate parents make suggestions to improve their child’s experience. Discover Music utilizes a “top down” approach to starting new partnerships, because we recognize the layers of authority and accountability in the education system and know that the groundwork for a good partnership comes down to having good relationships. You can be the catalyst that gives those relationships a great start in a few easy steps.


Step 1: Talk to your student’s Music Teachers about Discover Music

Discover Music programs work best when there is a Champion on staff for the program, a teacher who really wants this experience for their students. Introduce them to the program, tell them that you’re excited to have it at your school, and encourage them to contact Tim Cheesebrow at Tim will be more than happy to meet with them and discuss how DM could fit their program goals.

Something like:

“Dear Mr./ Mrs.__________,
I really appreciate all the great work you do to bring music to the students of ______________ . I know you always have their best interests at heart which is why I want to share an opportunity with you that I find very exciting. There’s an organization called Discover Music that does these really great music education courses and workshops. I think it would be a wonderful addition to your music program. You should meet with their founder, Tim Cheesebrow, and see if it’s something you’re interested in. Shoot him an email at and read up on the programs at I hope you’re able to work something out!

All the Best,
{ Your name }”


Step 2: Contact your Principal and Superintendent

These individuals determine the programming and educational content at the school. They are the decision-makers, and any new class will need to be approved by them. These people are often our strongest advocates once we’ve had a chance to align our program to their district goals and learning objectives.

“Dear Mr./ Mrs.__________,
I am a parent/student in the district and I would like you to please consider adding the Discover Music Songwriting Class to the district/school offerings. They have a strong history working with public schools, they have a flexible program design, and they’re offering a program that no-one else is offering right now. I’d be very excited to see this in our schools, and would appreciate you taking the time to review the materials on their website,, and setting up a meeting with founder Tim Cheesebrow ( Tim said he’d be happy to meet with you, give you a short presentation on the program, and discuss the district’s vision and learning objectives to determine if Discover Music is a good fit. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for our students and thank you for your consideration.

{ Your Name }”


Step 3: Contact other Parents and the District’s Community Foundation

Sometimes the decision to start a Discover Music program is really about the dollars and cents. You can smooth the way by building support with parents, encouraging them to raise funds for the project, and by contacting your school or district’s community foundation and letting them know that this educational experience is a priority for you, other parents, and the teachers.

You never know who might step up and fund the course!