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To educate, inspire and create opportunities to experience the life-changing power of music

VISION 2016 – 21

To make original music; its knowledge, skills, creation, production, and consumption, a highly valued, easily accessible, and deeply personal experience for learners, professionals, and consumers on a regional and national basis.


  • Creativity – We’ll find a way, our minds are open and solutions are out there
  • Integrity – We do the right thing because it’s the right thing
  • Partnership – There are talented people around us and we do our work best when we engage them
  • Community – We help ourselves by helping each other, everyone’s contribution matters
  • Innovation – We are constantly looking for new ways to solve old problems
  • Abundance – We are strongest when working with what we already have



Tim Cheesebrow – Executive Director

Tim Cheesebrow is a driven and passionate leader. He has extensive experience in management, strategic planning, and works tirelessly to better the lives of others. He founded Discover Music in 2011, built its networks, services, curriculum, board and staff. He’s responsible for the vision implementation, reporting to the board, financial security, development, graphic design, web and tech, and also plays a large role in direct service delivery and studio sessions.

Tim’s leadership background includes ownership of the Underground Music cafe, during which time he renovated the physical space, ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, and grew the music community substantially.

He has spent almost 10 years in the classroom, both here in MN teaching sognwriting and as an AmeriCorp volunteer in MS where he taught science, religion, band, music and art. He is an outspoken advocate for music education and has spent many hours with the MN legislature, university leaders and professionals creating a different perspective on music education and expanding its official roles to include popular styles, improvisation, composition, production, and music technology.

Tim’s musical experience includes 20 years as a performing musician, 4 self produced albums, countless hours as studio musician, hundreds of songs written, and even a written and produced opera. He holds degrees in music composition and studio art from St. John’s University, and uses the latter in graphic and web design for many MN organizations and artists. He holds two patents for novel guitar accessory inventions, and plays shows almost every weekend showcasing his original material.

When not working on music, art or advocacy, Tim likes to volunteer for social causes, build things, make maple syrup, cook, and spend quality time with his wife and sons.

Joe Filipovitch – Teacher

Whether he is performing at popular venues in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Nashville or heading up programs teaching high school students about music, Joe Filipovich’s dedication to music is without question.  Joe  released his debut album, “Release”, in early 2015, and since then, the Minnesota-based blues artist has enjoyed radio play in the United States and throughout Europe. Not only content with performing, Joe teaches private music lessons, group lessons via community education districts, and also teaches “Blues for Kids” workshops via the MN Blues Society and Discover Music Now. (501c3) http://www.discovermusicnow.org/ The program is known for organizing workshops at schools and festivals with the mission of teaching children of all ages about the Blues music genre.  Part of Joe’s work includes the creation of a six-week workshop designed for the Woodbury East Ridge High School
Jazz Band near St. Paul.



Chair – Ken Onstad

Ken has been in the entertainment business for over forty years.
After opening his own record store while in College, Ken went on to work with Sam Goody and the Musicland Group for 27 years. Starting as a full time sales person there he moved up the ranks from District Manager to eventually President of European Operations managing over 200 employees and $24,000,000 in sales. When he returned from the UK where he spent 7 years building the business, he was asked by the CEO to be the companies first ever VP of Strategic Planning. He was then recruited as President of K-tel International. His responsibilities included all business units but one. At K-tel he worked with Marshall Tucker Band, Johnny Rivers, Jesse Colin Young,  Vanilla Ice and Billy McLaughlin.  He has worked with major labels and artists both in the US and the UK. Ken is a founding member and President of two entertainment media companies, New Folk Records and Loud Folk Records.  He is also working with two UK based film companies that develop music films for broadcast and physical release.
Ken is the vice-Chairman on the board of the non-profit  30 Day Foundation.

Treasurer – Robert “Ty” Salisbury

Ty is a pilot for SkyWest airlines. He has experience in education as a flight instructor for the University of North Dakota in Fargo. Ty is an avid supporter of the arts and believes strongly in the mission of Discover Music. His perspective as an educator and his leadership skills gained from work with SkyWest is valuable in governing this organization towards success. His duties are outlined in the bylaws and include attending meetings of our board of directors and voting on board decisions.

Member – Jean Setley

A Graduate of St Catherine University in Communications and Business, Jean has extensive experience in the field including: Carmichael and Lynch Advertising, American Red Cross, Church of St Pius X, St Jude of The Lake Church, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. As a Director of Liturgical Music and Director of Community Outreach and Recruitment, Jean’s passion for music fuels her contributions in creating strategies for marketing and communications as well as volunteer coordination and support.

Member – Brad Matala

Brad is the owner of partner organization, Essential Sessions Studios. Brad is very well connected in the local music scene and has a great deal of experience in music business and education. Brad advises on program content, educational methods and fiscal practice.

Member – Bonnie Cheesebrow

As Business Manager for TeamWorks International, Inc. Bonnie oversees the organization’s operation and fiscal activities, including invoicing, account management, and human resources. Her strength is developing processes and practices that ensure financial stability and create a high-performance culture that emphasizes quality, productivity and job satisfaction. She has extensive experience in business management; 25 years at Parkway Family Physicians. She will bring her gifts to task for MusicWorks Minnesota in her position as Treasurer to ensure a stable financial future for the organization. Bonnie is one of the owners of the Underground Music Cafe.

Member – JD Steele

J.D., an accomplished vocalist, composer and director, was awarded a Bush Artist Composer Fellowship and is currently the director and founder of the MacPhail Community Youth Choir. He’s written or co-written dozens of high profile musical and theatrical productions. He is an internationally touring musician, and holds a publishing contract with Universal Studios.  JD advises on educational content of programs and uses his degree in marketing to advise on public relations and fundraising efforts in addition to working with Discover Music students as a guest artist and mentor.

Member – Daniel Ratté

Dan is a professional photographer. He is also a jazz bassist and tuba player. While in high school, Dan supported the work of music educators in his school by working with the booster program, fundraising, taking on a student leadership role and appearing before the school board to influence their decision making in favor of the high school arts programs. He is still passionate about the importance of public arts education and serves on the board as a way to give back to the Minnesota public school community. His duties are outlined in the bylaws and include attending meetings of our board of directors and voting on board decisions. Dan is the operational manager of the Underground Music Cafe.

Member – Dennis Cheesebrow

Dennis is a leading organizational change consultant and leadership development coach with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of TeamWorks International, Inc.  He works closely with public education organizations and has extensive experience in board governance and work with public schools.


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