About Us


Discover Music delivers dynamic programming for schools, using the power of music to engage students in self-expression and discovery.


Empowering students through creative expression to know more about their world with compassion,
truth and wonder.




Tim Cheesebrow, M. Ed. – Founder and Chairman

Tim Cheesebrow is a driven and passionate leader. He has extensive experience in management, strategic planning, and data-driven decision making. He founded Discover Music in 2011, built its networks, services, curriculum, and staff. He’s responsible for the vision implementation, financial security, development, graphic design, web and tech, and also plays a large role in direct service delivery and studio sessions.

He has spent almost 10 years in the classroom, both here in MN teaching songwriting and as an AmeriCorp volunteer in MS where he taught science, religion, band, music and art. He is an outspoken advocate for music education and has spent many hours with the MN legislature, university leaders and professionals creating a different perspective on music education and expanding its official roles to include popular styles, improvisation, composition, production, and music technology. He’s a licensed teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Education. 

He’s been a working musician for over 20 years; written and recorded 7 solo albums and plays several nights a week at various venues around MN and WI.

He graduated from St. John’s University with degrees in Music Composition and Studio Art. He sings and plays guitar, bass, mandolin, an assortment of flutes, euphonium, trombone, and knows just enough piano to be dangerous. He’s composed for ensembles, band and orchestra in a variety of styles. He’s also done live sound and both live and studio recordings for all types of music from dixieland jazz to punk and everything in between. He’s even written and directed an opera. As a songwriter he’s written thousands of songs and helped others write just as many.

He used this experience to write a book about the mental health benefits of the musical creative process called Songwriting for Wellness: Using Music to Heal the Mind.

In the course of this work, he’s recorded music for hundreds of young people; acting as teacher, producer, engineer, studio musician, coach, and mentor.


Bonnie Cheesebrow –  Treasurer

Bonnie, now retired, had a long and celebrated career in the medical field. She was the general manager for a family practice clinic, and she also worked for a for-profit consultancy as their business manager. She knows how to run a business smoothly and her attention to detail, experience, and dedication to Discover Music have kept us fiscally responsible, maximizing our resources to accomplish our mission.