Mahtomedi HS

This class was a new format. Songwriting was part of an introductory guitar and piano performance course. As the students were learning to play the instrument, they were also learning to write their own music…pretty cool. This class had a lot of nice hooks in the songs, and we even had two brave students who successfully wrote their own lyrics […]

Westwood, SLP

This class was a bit of a wild ride, but we made it! Some real talent in these young people…lots of good ideas and they weren’t afraid to sing out in studio. Enjoy! Sheliah – My Grandma   Sammie – I Just Need Some Freedom   Bryan and Peyton – You and Me and the Moon   Leslie – Perfect […]

Lighthouse S.L.P.

Such great creative energy in this class! Lighthouse students are such a joy to work with and it was so cool to see all their personalities emerge in their songs. One thing this class definitely deserves praise for is risk-taking; personally and musically. Some students had to overcome significant self-doubt and nerves to get in the studio and sing their […]

Edgewood, MPS

Another great year with Mrs. Liz Cummings-Cervenka and the students of Edgewood Middle School! We got to spend just about every day, all year long with these students. We did music theory, history, science, business, production, and of course we wrote a bunch of songs. They got so good at it by the end that we could fire off a […]

Edgewood Summer

You Won’t Get the Best of Me Unicorns Be Like Tiny Purple Toilet Monster Nothing We Can’t Do Let’s Go It Will Be Alright Future Heroes Fire In His Eyes Come Back Unicorns Butterflies

Lighthouse, S.L.P.

Sage – Louder Than Lions Ryan – I am a Plant Noor – Black Sheep Nicole – I ‘ll Let You Decide Louis and Nathaniel – Is Anybody Out There? Logan – Perfection Kevin – Can’t Miss You Till You’re Gone Kelton – Never Know What Happens Next Katie – Nothing Seems to Fool Me Jaron – Wearing Out My […]

Rock and Ride!

Rock and Ride!

Rock & Ride! (Biker Run benefit/fundraiser for music education) Live Music outdoors, BBQ, Motorcycles AND raise money for youth music education! $10 suggested donation to join the party Includes LIVE music outside, the motorcycle run, free hot dogs/brats on the grill and all the proceeds go to Discover Music which is a local non-profit organization that offers music education for […]


Yesterday we had such a fun time at Westwood Middle School. So far the students have learned about chordal theory, song structure, lyric and harmonic function, and we decided to put that knowledge to use making a song as a class. This song happens to be about shoes…   Lyrics: Verse 1: I’m just a sneaker and I’m upset because […]