Listen to Students!


Yesterday we had such a fun time at Westwood Middle School. So far the students have learned about chordal theory, song structure, lyric and harmonic function, and we decided to put that knowledge to use making a song as a class. This song happens to be about shoes…   Lyrics: Verse 1: I’m just a sneaker and I’m upset because […]

Music Makes Us Whole

Music Makes Us Whole

MusicWorks MN is proud to partner with Music Makes Us Whole. Their mission: “Music Makes Us Whole is the initiative of several dozen Minnesota non-profit and for-profit organizations that believe every child deserves a rich music education. We advocate for this because of music’s intrinsic value in the human experience, and also for the whole-brain and whole-life benefits to the […]

High View Middle School Songwriting Class

We sure had a great time with our first summer songwriting class in the Moundsview District! It was an intense 4 week course that covered the fundamentals of songwriting and music theory, featured a bunch of guest artists: Ann Reed, Joan Griffeth, Dan Newton, Kevin Gastonguy, and The Honeydogs’ Adam Levy. After 3 weeks of learning about songwriting we put […]

White Bear Lake AP Music Theory Class Compositions – 2013

We set out to pilot the composition contest program at White Bear Lake Public Schools. To my surprise it actually went rather smoothly and it got the students to write above and beyond my expectations. These are people who have never written a piece of classical music before, and have also never played strings. It was both a wonderful artistic […]

MusicWorks BandTogether makes the WB Press!

Thank you, Nick Backus for writing up this nice article on MusicWorks, and what we’re trying to accomplish with the Band Together program. Friends, please spread this far and wide and drum up some more support for our work with the students! read the article HERE Good stuff.  

Music and the Brain

Victor Wooten, in addition to being a bass genius, is also supporting work at the Association for Psychological Science conference as they explore the connections between music and the brain, and the potentially huge benefits that music has for learning and performance. We’re learning more every day just how real and prevalent this connection is. It just goes to […]