Listen to Students!

‘Scuse me while I go celebrate…

I think this speaks for itself. Woot! In case you’re looking at that photo and are thinking “What is that? Is it like some kind of analog text or IM or something? It’s from the I.R.S. and it says blah, blah, blah…..zzzzzz…..” Yes. It’s a letter from the IRS. It says that we’re a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Which means we […]

The gift of education.

I think there are fewer gifts (that are realistically within our ability to provide) that are greater than the gift of an education; especially a musical education. It would be awesome if we could end wars, hunger, poverty, and human suffering around the world, it really would, but for most of us those problems are so large and our contribution, […]

Flutes and Trumpets and Pianos…Oh My!

We’ve received an outpouring of support for our idea this summer. I have a room full of musical instruments that will be finding a home in the coming year and we even had the opportunity to donate a piano to the WBL choir program this last week. A BIG thank you goes out to my brother, John Cheesebrow, and friends […]

Word’s getting around.

MarketFest is over. We had a great opportunity for the last 7 Thursdays to meet people from the local community interested in music education. We had some instruments donated, and many connections made. Most importantly I think we got the message out there that “Hey! We’re here. We’re doing this work for our pubic school music programs. Just keep an […]

Get out of the closet!

I am talking about band instruments, of course. You know the ones I’m talking about…the ones you used to play when you were in band, or the ones you bought for your kids when they were psyched about band but have been gathering dust ever since they discovered dance, soccer, heavy metal or “romantic interests.” Instruments want to be played! […]

Things are A’Rollin’

This was a whirlwind week of activity. Not only did we get our 1023 application for 501c3 Tax Exempt status in the mail, but we created the logo and website. The logo was especially difficult because while we liked the M and W from the Bauhaus font we used we didn’t care for the other letters as much. It made […]